1. Our original service was started up on Localbitcoins where you can buy or sell your bitcoins from us using their reputable and safe platform. We offered there very fast exchange service which takes usually 1-5 minutes in case of the same bank transfer, cash deposit through smartATM and bank branch or cardless cash withdrawal. Our fees are affordable and independent from price fluctuation of bitcoin.
Our service currently accepts transfers from Australian banks in Australian dollars, transfers from Indonesian banks in Indonesian rupiah, transfers from New Zealand banks in New Zealand dollars, transfers from banks of Thailand in Thai baht, transfers from Mexican banks in Mexican pesos, transfers from Russian banks in Ruble, transfers from Chinese banks in Chinese yuan, transfers from Malaysian banks in Malaysian ringgits, transfers from Cambodian banks in US dollars and Cambodian riels and transfers from European banks in Euro.

2. We offer the exchange service which is not dependable on Localbitcoins or other platforms. All your data is not shared and will not be shared with any state or tax agencies as current platforms like Localbitcoins do.

3. You gain an advantage in international trade using our services to come into the post-banking and stateless eras:

a) Paying your bills in national currencies without an international wire transfer, an international contract, bank’s unpredictable and difficult requirements in case of international wire transfer.

   b) Hedging your risks of bitcoin price volatility in time of signing for an international trade contract where payments have chosen in bitcoins but international trade contract currency stated in AUD, RUB, MXN, USD.
Service fee is 5%.

   c) For you and your counterparty we, as a trusted third party, offer full or split payments for basis terms of physical delivery such as FOB, CIF, EXW etc or for any virtual service or product.
Service fee is 1%. If mediator needs to be involved – fee is 3%.

4. We accept payments for any company or person under current U.S. or any other state sanctions or from such companies or persons. All your payments will go through bitcoin mixer step and will be transferred in bitcoins or fiat in your choice.

5. Consulting on the safe storage of bitcoins and prevention the risk of seizures of bitcoins during your physical movement across state borders of countries.

6. For better anonymity our bitcoin-holder clients we setup bitcoin mixer.