Geobitcoins service

We are happy to introduce unique service for our clients – Geobitcoins!

Have you thoughts sometimes about stash but not fiat one – bitcoin physical stash? Now it is possible! You can create your stash anywhere in the world for any amount in bitcoins and being able it for pick up only knowing secret word or phrase or answering on an question.


It can have many applications:

Equivalent bank safe deposit boxes for bitcoins

Help to your friends or relatives in any country or place where they are at this moment just giving them location and password for pick up

Drugs and any illegal dealing where payments and getting stuff have to be separated to different locations

Adventure-style game like Fort Boyard being scalable to whole flat Earth

And many many others

For picking up bitcoins only phone with installed Takara application needed. All what we need from you is geopoint to drop your bitcoins in this point.

Receiving geopoint is easy from the Internet browser:

Type there

Find location where you want to see your bitcoins, zoom it, click on this place and copy highlighted numbers like on the screenshot below



Please use next contacts to send your geopoint with secret word or question and answer:


Telegram: onlybestoffers

Or use our contact form: