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We offer the exchange service which is not dependable on Localbitcoins or other platforms. All your data is not shared and will not be shared with any state or tax agencies as current platforms like Localbitcoins do. We also do not push you through lunatic registrations with spy Google captcha scrutiny pass or spy Facebook login process. Just apply anonymously for an offer in your currency and enjoy exchange! Easy! All exchanged bitcoins will be transferred directly to your wallet or any other bitcoin address you write in the trade chat. We do not hold your bitcoins here and no plans to hold in the future.

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Price 13574.76 AUD/BTC
Trade limits: 50 - 440 AUD
Type of payment: bank-transfer
Сomment: ING, NAB, Suncorp, BOQ, Heritage, HSBC, Macquarie, CUA, Policebank, Citibank and Bank of China are banks which I use and your bank account also should be in one of these banks for availability of instant transfer.
If you wish to use PAYID that is fantastic, PAYID is a new way to bank transfer which arrives in your account instantly. I can use PAYID for transfer if my account connected to my PAYID has funds.

Price 282693.68 THB/BTC
Trade limits: 3000 - 95000 THB
Type of payment: bank-transfer
Сomment: I have accounts in Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krung Thai bank, Siam Commercial bank, TMB bank, CIMB Thai bank, UOB bank and Krugsri(Ayudhya) banks.
Money can be transferred to any Thailand bank just send the bank name, account name and number or can pay for your electricity, phone bills etc in Thailand.
Or can give you a cash code to withdraw cash through Krungsri ATMs anonymously.
⭐️Bigger amounts if cash are available in Bangkok. Give 2 days notice⭐️

Price 192136.92 MXN/BTC
Trade limits: 1500 - 5000 MXN
Type of payment: bank-transfer
Сomment: Hola!
Please write: Beneficiary and CLABE
If you want to receive money on your Mexican debit card please write: Beneficiary, Debit card number, Bank name.

Price 16071.14 AUD/BTC
Trade limits: 100 - 400 AUD
Type of payment: cash-deposit
Сomment: ★ NO ID NEEDED★
Find 24/7 smartATMs with cash deposit option or bank branch nearest to you of the next banks - HSBC, CUA, ING, AMP. Deposit dollars through ATM to my account in chosen bank. Take photo of the receipt and upload here. I will release bitcoins immediately.
For banks without such option in smartATMs in your area, please use bank branches. I have accounts in all these banks - ING Direct, HSBC, CUA, AMP
Coins are then released to you immediately after uploaded receipt.

Price 328378.78 THB/BTC
Trade limits: 1500 - 50000 THB
Type of payment: cash-deposit
Сomment: For transfers from Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krung Thai bank, Siam Commercial bank, TMB bank, CIMB Thai, UOB or Krungsri(Ayudhya) banks I will release bitcoins instantly as well as for real-time transfers from rest banks of Thailand.
No cards needed for UOB, Kasikorn, SCB, Krungsri(Ayudhya) Cash Deposit Machines. If you prefer anonymous cash deposit, use this option.
⭐️❗️If bank transfer, please verify your name on the website firstly!❗️⭐️
I sell up to 100000 baht of bitcoins per time for your cash. Cash in hand exchange available in Bangkok.

Price 747208.51 RUB/BTC
Trade limits: 1000 - 15000 RUB
Type of payment: bank-transfer
Сomment: 1. При оплате через терминал, напишите пожалуйста на чеке ручкой - покупка биткоинов у onlybestoffers - и прикрепите фото чека в чат.
2. При оплате через Qiwi кошелек(внимание - пополнения с банковских карт в вашем кошельке не принимаю!) не оставляйте пожалуйста комментарии в поле для перевода, после перевода напишите номер с телефона в чат с которого был перевод.
Биткоины выпускаются моментально как появятся ваши рубли на моем Qiwi кошелке и выполненных условиях в пунктах 1 или 2.

Price 41365761.88 KHR/BTC
Trade limits: 100000 - 1000000 KHR
Type of payment: bank-transfer
Сomment: I will release bitcoins as soon as your funds hit my ABA, ACLEDA, Cambodia Post bank accounts.

If you do bank transfer, please verify your name firstly and ownership of this bank account

If cash deposit, ID verification no needed
Price 10039.98 USD/BTC
Trade limits: 20 - 250 USD
Type of payment: bank-transfer
Сomment: You can transfer(please attach screenshot of your Wing app where account and name are visible) from your Wing account to my Wing account or do cash deposit in any Wing office across Cambodia.

I also accept bank transfers in USD from Cambodian banks to my ABA bank, Cambodia Post bank and ACLEDA bank accounts.